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Why Lage’ Mist ?

How many times have you entered a hotel, spa, or a fancy clothing store and asked yourself… where does that relaxing smell comes from?

You can now experience the same thing at your own place.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve noticed the power of scent on our brain. A good smell represents happiness and relaxation! A smell can take our imagination back to our childhood, a specific scent can remind us of a special moment in our life. 

Over the last three years, I researched and found the best experts in the field of organic fragrance creation in the world to provide a better smell in close spaces, while making maximum use of natural resources. And that’s how Lagemist was born.

How To Install


Danny B.

I love walking into my office everyday and having the place smell like a REALLY expensive cologne.

Gabi B.

Customers never want to leave! Which is a good thing... Each time they come to our office, they tell us how much they love it.

Leeron C.

Finally! My house smells AMAZING! I love that you can control it from an app and hook the machine to Hvac system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All Lagemist product are approved by Ifra , Naturals Top Organic, ISO 4500:2018 , what this means is that we adhere to the highest safety standards. All of Lagemist scents are paraben free, vegan, petroleum free and crusty free. We put your health as our top priority! 

Wouldn't it be great to have your guests amazed by the smell of your home? Your home tells a story about you. When you wake up in the morning, you think about what to wear that day - same as when you moved in your home- you were designing your place with furniture to match your taste … but how important is your Cologne? When you have a spatial event or a date you’ll automatically put on your best cologne. The one that speak to your current mood. Would you choose a fresh cologne? Or are you the kind of person that never changes his favorite scent for years … because your smell is your signature. Same reference to your place - home scenting is so much more than adding aroma into a space, its adding some of your energy - it gives you an amazing feeling from the moment you walk in. 

Scent marketing is much more than just a good smelling space - scenting your business is the signature your customers remember. The fact is that scent has a strong power on the decisions we make, its just like music - it plays with our mood.

Businesses that add scent to their place increases their sales by 85%. The energy is calmer when it smells good. Your customers will feel it, and your employees will feel happier. 

Yes! We are using a cold air diffusion technology which spreads the essential oils into the air in a dry mist of nano particles. This means there is no way of leaking (please make sure your machine is standing - and lay or turn the machine while the oil is inside). Scenting with Lagemist is safe use around pets, art, furnitures, and equipment. 

Lagemist oils are IFRA compliant which means we are on the highest standards in the industry. All of our oils are made from essential oils . Our oils are safe to use around people, pets and plants.

Lagemist oils contain plant essences and  pure essential oils, do not apply these oils on your skin - they are pure - undiluted . If you got some oil on your hands or skin - wash the area with water and soap. 

All of our oil scents are manufactured in the usa. Our top priority is the highest quality pure ingredients. 

We recommend using the machine for 8 hours a day - so one bottle will last 1 month . The exact length will depend on the strength of your chosen settings within the app. 

1. Download the "Scent Marketing" smartphone app. 

2. Allow bluetooth connection.

3. Plug your machine / put batteries.

4. Make sure your bluetooth on your phone is on - and choose the bluetooth version.

5. Chose the device (if it doesn’t show up press refresh ).

6. Put your one time code - 8888 and click the “remember password” and then - login

7. Click on the grade, and easy setup - start working time, stop working time , days to reset, and on the grade - you’ll choose how often you’d like your machine to spray (depend on how strong you like it).

Sure ! Go to your scent marketing app (see more details on “ how I can set my diffuser) after you logged in - on top of the grade line that you already setup - there is a + sign. Once you choose it you can setup a specific day, time, and grade that will work for your event! 

Sure! Lagemist app was created just for people like you! We want to avoid wasting oils & making sure your place will smell amazing when you are there! 

Lets login into scent marketing app - you can add as many chapters as you need - for each specific day by pressing the + sign you can set up your scent for each day, for example you can do from Monday to Friday  7 - 10 grade .

Save, go back , press the + and setup from Monday - Friday 18 - 23 grade 7.

Save and go back and then + again - you can choose only Saturday and Sunday to work 8 - 23 grade . 

Yes! The Castle device can be connected by the tube directly through your a.c. system - see instructions below the device . The other models can stand straight in the ac room - and placed under the filter. This will allow the mist to travel through the a.c. as well.

For home scenting we recommend you locate the device around the living room or where you wish to experience scent the most. If you are using one of our HVAC diffusers, the scent will spread equally throughout the area the HVAC covers. 

If you choose a stand-alone unit, the best location will be at the entrance. You want your customers to be impressed upon entering. If you choose the HVAC scenting system, the scent will spread equally throughout the area the HVAC covers.

Sure ! Feel free to contact us anytime via our contact page. Please fill out the contact information and one of our scent consultants will be in touch shortly.