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Scent is evocative. Ephemeral. Elusive yet unforgettable.

Your nose captures the unseen world around you, often below your level of awareness. What do you smell right now? 

Each day there are invisible scent molecules swirling around you, shaping your decisions subconsciously. Scents are constantly etching memories of your experiences into your brain. You won’t even realize it until one day you encounter the smell in another time and place and you’re instantly transported back to a memory. Has that ever happened to you?

Studies show that people can remember a scent with 65% accuracy after one year. When molecules for a pleasant smell enter the olfactory system, the brain’s reward center is triggered, leading to an overall higher level of pleasant feelings. Essentially, good smells make us feel happy. 

The Power Of Scent In Your Home

The right scent can effect your everyday mood. You home is your sanctuary. Each time you walk in, your should feel relaxed and free of stress. We provide scents that give you that absolute fresh feeling.

Wouldn't it be great to make your home feel like a vacation resort each and every day? Nothing exemplifies calm like the fresh scent of a clean home.

Why Is Scent So Powerful For Your Business?

It’s no coincidence that the holidays are scented. A North Carolina State University Food Scientist agrees, saying, “The aromas in these holiday products are crafted to trigger emotions and feelings.”

Smells can have significant effects on our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. This is because our scent receptors communicate directly with the emotion and memory centers of our brains, bypassing our logic centers. Did you know that smell influences 75% of the emotions we generate everyday?

“With the right smell, you can create an emotional and extremely deep relationship between your brand and your customers.” – Martin Lindstrom, “Brand Sense: Build Powerful Brands Through Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound

Benefits Of Scent Marketing

Every industry, from hospitality to healthcare, can benefit from scent marketing. Good scents improve how customers view service quality, service experience, and service value. For maximum effect, research shows that the scent you diffuse should be congruent with the brand image. Congruent scents improve guest satisfaction, intention to revisit and perceptions of the product and service.